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Our Vision

Through education, pride and a commitment to our community we will be a valuable public safety asset within Mason County and the State of Washington.

Our Core Values

  • We will adopt the philosophy of "Life Safety and Property Conservation."

    • Saving and protecting what cannot be replaced, lives, environment, data, and photos.​

  • We will adopt policies and procedures that meet or exceed all current safety and training standards and laws.

  • We will train meaningful ways, making sure that our priorities are always in mind and in order.

    • Life​

    • The Environment

    • Property

    • Respect

    • Integrity

  • We will have pride in our department; understanding that our apparatus, tools, and training are not just things.

    • They are how we do our job.​

    • They are how we save lives.

  • We will strive to help our community no matter the call, weather, or time of day.

  • We will demonstrate this commitment to ourselves and our community through recruitment and instruction, by all members of the department to all new members.

  • We will always remember that people are not merely people, they are Family, and they are Neighbors.

    • They must be treated as such in all instances.​

  • We will have respect for ourselves, fellow members, the department, and our customers always.

  • We will continue to grow as an integral part of the community.

  • Our integrity will be beyond reproach in all instances.

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