Firehouse Gear


Not all superheroes wear capes.  Some wear bunker gear.  Be a hero, volunteer today!

Volunteer and paid opportunities are available  - apply to be a member of the growing West Mason Fire team!

Previous training and experience is not required.  West Mason Fire provides training and certification opportunities, professional development, community service, resume building, and ADVENTURE.  Come see what we have to offer!



Please return your completed application via email to or in person during regular business hours at 4650 W. Dayton Airport Road, Shelton, WA 98584.  If you are interested in applying but not available during regular business hours, please call to schedule an appointment.




Photo:  Fire Chief Matthew Welander riding with Travis Pastrana, Subaru Rally Team USA

"West Mason Fire is looking for good people who want to do good things.

We are looking for volunteers, residents, reserves, and wildland firefighters.

If you don't live in our district, that is not a problem.  We have a program for that too.

If you are not trained to be a firefighter already, we can fix that.

If you want a career as a firefighter, we will help you find one.

If you want to travel to all parts of the state to help people you've never met, we will send you there.

Enjoy camping?  We can help you camp more.

Motocross, climbing, hiking, rally, road racing - these are just a few of the extra things that you can be part of as a member of West Mason Fire.

If you are 18, drug free, clean driving and criminal record, then we have a place for you.

If you are interested in this great adventure, pick up the phone and call us at (360) 426-7343, or email"

(360) 426-7343

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