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A Note on Flood Safety

This time of year brings heavy rains and the potential for flooding, especially in the area of the Skokomish River. Heavy flood water can easily overtake a vehicle, which can be dangerous for the driver, passengers, and emergency responders. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (2005), most flood fatalities occur due to people attempting to drive through flooded roads.

If you find yourself in a flooded area, there are a few steps to follow to keep yourself and your loved ones safe:

1. Don’t ignore road closure signs or barricades! Driving past these signs is unsafe AND unlawful.

2. Don’t drive through flooded areas. Both swift moving and standing water can pose a safety risk by sweeping the vehicle off the roadway, cause engine problems or other damage, or deteriorate the road conditions beneath the water.

3. Pay attention to local flood and weather conditions. Current conditions for the Skokomish River can be found here:

4. Pay attention to local road closure announcements and then avoid traveling on those roads until the closures are cleared. Mason County road closure notices can be found here:

If you DO find yourself in a flood emergency, do your best to get to higher ground and call 911.

Due to deteriorating road conditions, the evacuation route is available to emergency vehicle road traffic only.

The firefighters and emergency medical technicians with West Mason Fire have the training and equipment necessary to help you in your

time of need, but failing to follow flood safety puts yourself AND the emergency responders in danger. Please be safe and stay dry!



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