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Our fire and rescue personnel are well trained to approach, analyze and understand each emergency situation with close attention to detail.

Structure fires can be an especially devistating time of loss.  Our firefighters are trained to not only extinguish the fire, but to look out for and protect the irreplacable, such as family photos, photo albums, and computers.

You should feel confident knowing that should this emergency occur, we’ll be there for you.


80% of the West Mason Fire Distrct is wildland or urban interface, making wildland firefighting a significant area of focus.

Our wildland firefighters are well trained to approach, analyze and understand each wildland or urban interface fire with close attention to fire conditions, terrain, and land use. That way they can quickly assess and act upon every fire they encounter.  Our firefighters understand the economic impact of every tree lost to wildfire and works hard to protect the beautiful forest land that we call home.

Our wildland firefighters have the opportunity to mobilize across the state and beyond to support statewide wildland initiatives.

West Mason Fire Brush 16-1 on Mobe
West Mason Fire Aid 16-1


Medical emergencies are about 70% of all of the calls that West Mason Fire responds to.

We are proud to have a well-trained team of emergency medical technicians who are fully equipped with the latest technologies to manage basic and complex medical emergencies. 

You can rest assured that our commitment to the community includes the best possible care for you and your loved ones.

We are doing everything we can to improve our capabilities with a long-range goal of providing a full Advanced Life Support (ALS) transportation service.


Motor vehicle incidents occur throughout our district on both paved and unpaved surfaces, on main roads and in the wilderness. Our personnel make every effort to suppress and eliminate any safety threats in order to prevent death, accidents, the destruction of properties and environmental pollution. We’re always prepared to provide this service in order to keep the public as well as the environment safe.

West Mason Fire Car Post MVA
Skok Valley Road Flooded


Through an interlocal agreement, we work hand-in-hand with the Mason County Sheriff Office's Special Operations Response Team (SORT) to provide technical rescue assistance.

We are prepared to assist you in any location or conditions throughout Mason County. 


The best possible way to respond to an emergency is to prevent it.

Our team aims to work closely with the community by providing informative and meaningful training opportunities.

With our limited resources, it makes sense to help people not have emergencies in the first place.  By conducting annual fire safety inspections and participating in the Mason County Falls Program, we aim to reduce responses to emergencies by educating the public on how to prevent them.

Public education provides us with an opportunity to learn about the residents and business of the community we serve.

Community Fire Education
West Mason Patch LOGO


With the ever-increasing knowledge of the long term effects of the emergency on the victims, families, and responders, meeting with a fire chaplain in your time of need can be beneficial.

Fire Chaplains are not nececcarily a religious contact, but a conduit to other mental health or long-term recovery services such as the American Red Cross, and many more.  

West Mason Fire has a fire chaplain available should you ever need one.

Services: Emergency Services
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