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What's been changing around here? Find out in our July 2020 Newsletter!

Residents of West Mason Fire will be receiving a newsletter in the upcoming weeks with some updates of how we've grown in the past 5 years, what happened at Station 16-2, and what's on the August ballot.

Also, join us for Open Office Hours, either in person or via Zoom from 11 am to 2 pm at:

Station 16-2 (Shelton Valley Road) -- Saturday 7/18/2020

Station 9-1 (Skokomish Valley Road) -- Saturday 7/25/2020

Learn more about event details here:

Learn more about the upcoming ballot measure here:

Uploading the images of the newsletter distorted some of the text. My sincerest apologies if it is difficult to read on this platform. A slightly sharper version is available on our On the Ballot page, linked above. It will be in the mail next week, and in your mailbox soon!



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